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Nantucket Spider

Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Sun and Sand (14 Stick Tube)

Nantucket Spider

Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Sun and Sand (14 Stick Tube)


Bringing the Beach to You!

Everybody loves summer! This is the best season to go on a camping or beach trip with friends, and also for having a nice picnic in the park with the family. Unfortunately, the summer months also are the peak season for mosquitoes. Luckily, Nantucket Spider has the best bug repellent sticks for you with our Sun and Sand outdoor & garden incense sticks. 

Our Sun and Sand garden incense sticks bring us back to the New England summers of our childhoods – exploring tidal pools, digging for clams, and sunset bonfires on the beach. They add the perfect summery and bug-free atmosphere whenever you take a dip in your pool or host your next backyard barbecue. Just position our bug repellent sticks strategically around your yard to keep mosquitoes and flies far away from everyone!

Sun and Sand sticks have a slightly lemony fragrance when lit. These sticks contain essential oils of citronella, clove, cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass.

Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks  

Our incense sticks are beautifully crafted and naturally scented with the perfect blend of steam-distilled or cold pressed essential oils. Each incense stick uses sawdust for its base, making them easy to light and stay lit, and each stick provides over 90 minutes of protection from insects. They’re also easy to extinguish and can be re-lit to be used for future occasions. 

Our incense sticks do not contain of dyes, artificial perfumes, or chemical pesticides. All incense sticks are sourced from a fair-trade supplier India, they’re masters when it comes to incense!

Like all Nantucket Spider products, our incense sticks are cruelty-free. We at Nantucket Spider support animal rights, and never use animal testing.

Nantucket Spider incense sticks need proper ventilation for safe use, we recommend that they only are used outdoors.

Sorry to disappoint but our incense sticks are not registered for sale in some states.