Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Sun and Sand (14-Pack)

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  • Nantucket Spider Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Sun N’ Sand (14-Pack). Artisan-crafted long burning sticks, pleasant fragrant incense naturally scented with pure essential oils. Large sized bamboo-based long-burning incense sticks for the garden and outdoors.
  • Process/Source - Our Incense Sticks are ethically sourced from a factory in India, the masters of incense. These handmade sticks are crafted with steam-distilled, cold-pressed pure essential oils, carefully blended to create the most wonderfully scented fragrances. Bamboo and powdered wood create the combustible base of the incense sticks, enabling them to burn with a self-sustained even-burning ember. No artificial perfumes, dyes or harmful chemicals are added. Product not tested on animals.
  • Features - Nantucket Spider's Incense is designed to last a long time with an extra long and thick body for ninety minutes of fragrant burn time. Incense sticks can be used for a shorter period of time and relit on different occasions. A substantial stem allows the jumbo stick to be placed in incense stick holders, planters, a container of sand or directly in the earth. The body of the joss stick measures approximately 11.75 inches long and 1/4 inch thick.
  • Suggested Use - These lovely smelling incense sticks are intended for outdoor use only, as proper ventilation is required for safe use. They are best enjoyed at barbecues, camp bonfires, garden parties and events, at the poolside, beach or while out hiking and camping.