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Fair Trade Repellent Incense Sticks

Fair Trade Repellent Incense Sticks

Fair Trade Repellent Incense Sticks

Light out of doors to help keep away flies and mosquitoes so you can enjoy the great outdoors in peace!  Our Fair Trade, essential oil sticks have quickly become a favorite with our customers.

Outdoor Fun! 

The onset of spring brings warm weather and the opportunity to finally enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Longer days means fun beach trips with the family, and perfect weather for hosting a small gathering of friends for evening drinks on your patio. They say that time spent laughing and having fun with family and friends is time well spent, and we agree.

The warm spring weather also means the inevitable return of mosquitoes, and nothing ruins the mood at a social gathering faster than being eaten alive by these pests. You can avoid this from happening by using Nantucket Spider's outdoor and garden incense sticks to protect you and your guests from pesky insects.

You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in peace by placing our scented outdoor incense sticks in strategic locations around your garden or patio to keep mosquitoes and flies away. You can place them directly in the ground, on some sand, or use our incense holder.

Those pests will never spoil your outdoor parties again with our repellent sticks around!

Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks  

Nantucket Spider’s outdoor incense sticks are beautifully crafted and naturally scented using a wonderful blend of organic essential oils that have been steam-distilled and cold-pressed. Our incense sticks use sawdust as the base, making them easy to light and easy to extinguish again. Each incense stick gives you over ninety minutes of hands-free protection from insects. You can also use them for a shorter period and re-use them whenever you want!

Our incense sticks do not use of dyes, artificial perfumes, or harmful chemicals. All incense sticks are sourced using fair trade principles from India, they’re masters when it comes to incense!

Like all Nantucket Spider products, our incense sticks are cruelty-free. We at Nantucket Spider support animal rights, and we will never condone animal testing.

Buy Online Now!

We have four wonderfully scented incense sticks for you to choose from and buy online, just pick your favorite scent and we’ll ship them for free!

Our beautifully-crafted stone incense holders are a great companion to our incense stick products and help keep floors and surfaces free of ash residue.

sorry to disappoint but the sticks are not yet registered for sale to residents of  CT, ME, IN, or AL

Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Sun and Sand (14 Stick Tube)


Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Meadow (14-Stick tube)


Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Woodland (14 Stick Tube)


Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks, Spiced Coffee (14 stick tube)


Artisanal Stone Block Incense Holder