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Our Mission

We believe that ethical and environmentally sustainable business is both possible and necessary for the future of our planet, and our values ensure that we stay on that track.

Certified B Corp

B Corporation, or B Corp, certification is a recognition of our commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility and ethical business practices. B Corps voluntarily meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We aim to balance purpose and profit, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond our products and reaches into our daily operations. We source eco-friendly ingredients, use minimal packaging, promote fair labor practices, and support local communities. Our core values exemplify the essence of a B Corp.

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Our Guarantee  

 We offer a money back guarantee for any customer who is not completely satisfied with any aspect of our products. If there is anything we can improve, reach out to us and let us know. 

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Ethical Buying

All of our products have a positive impact on people and the environment. We source each ingredient with people and the planet in mind.  

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Giving Back

 We are committed to giving 2% of the proceeds from every item you purchase directly to rainforest conservation through our partnership with Rainforest Trust.

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Our Packaging

We only use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and compostable materials in our packaging. We are working to reduce our impact further with less plastic packaging.

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Our Values

Keeping Little Footprints Front of Mind

We believe in leaving the planet better than we found it for the future of the environment and for the future of our children. We believe that subsequent generations should live in a safe, environmentally stable world, and we know that we can play a part in what that world looks like.

Always Learning,
Always Growing

We are a company built by creatives, so we are always looking for ways to improve our methods of production. Ethical business is at the heart of our values, and we do not settle for “good enough” when there are better alternatives available.

Supporting & Promoting Small Businesses

As a business that began by developing products in our own kitchens, we understand the value, quality, and dedication of small businesses. We rely on many small, local, or family run factories and suppliers for production, and most of our products are made here in the USA. 

Natural & Safe Ingredients

We prioritize the quality of the ingredients we use for our products, and ensure that we produce natural products that are safe to use on adults, children, and even dogs. We use DEET-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, and vegan formulas to ensure that we are serving our customers the best possible products. 

About Nantucket Spider

The Quest for a Natural Alternative 

Nancy Jack and Jeffrey Busch are lifelong friends who teamed up to create effective natural alternatives to DEET-based bug repellents for their family and friends. An environmental lawyer, Nancy’s trust in available repellents was shattered 20 years ago when she was on an outdoor business site visit that was particularly buggy. A well-intentioned coworker passed around a popular chemical based repellent that Nancy sprayed on her legs. To her deep dismay, the nylons she was wearing quickly dissolved. This unfortunate and thought-provoking incident was the ember that eventually sparked the idea for a natural repellent, Nantucket Spider.

Man on bench next to lake, Our lake laboratory

Our Lake Laboratory

Nancy spends her summers on a buggy lake, which has served as an ideal laboratory for testing various essential oils for their repellent qualities.While Jeffrey, a public interest lawyer, really appreciates and respects all wildlife critters, he is able to enjoy them even more when they aren’t biting him or his family. On a particularly buggy summer evening out on Jetties Beach, Nantucket─after an afternoon sharing the shore with a few too many horseflies ─ Jeffrey found himself wondering if some natural predator, like a spider, could keep the bugs in check. Yes, he decided. A Nantucket Spider was sorely needed. Something natural that could safely protect him and his family. 

Nantucket Spider, Kids at Summer Camp Holding Essential Oil Bug Spray

Our Solution

Together, Nancy and Jeffrey developed repellents using the perfect blends of natural ingredients to repel mosquitos, ticks and biting flies. Nantucket Spider repellents don't just work great, they also smell and feel light and fresh. Our repellents contain a broad spectrum of organic essential oils in a higher concentration than most other leading brands; High enough to work extremely well but without an overpowering smell. A broad range of essential oils is important in a bug spray because different species of insects are primarily repelled by different essential oils. 

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Nantucket Spider's Selection of Products

About Nantucket Footprint

The Search for (Truly) Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Those of us who care about our household health and the greater environment have often struggled to find products that are truly eco friendly and safe. Words like “green”, “safe” and “eco-friendly” have been overused and often abused by companies determined to wear the “green” mantle without doing the work or making the changes to formulations that would actually make products less toxic or have a lower environmental impact. Sometimes the changes simply involve the packaging colors – clear, brown or white plastic and plastic-lined packages that signal that the contents are less toxic than alternatives. But we all know that substance matters.

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Nantucket Footprint Household Cleaners

The Right Ingredients

We decided to make our own line of cleaning products because for us, none of the existing options ticked enough of the important boxes: Many products we tried were heavy on artificial perfumes or fragrances or contained questionable ingredients, including some banned in other countries. Many were weak on ingredient disclosure and used vague, general language or had no ingredient disclosure at all. Even the concentrated versions of these products were packaged in single use, often heavy and bulky plastic. We noticed that most of the “green” products contain the toxic preservatives methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone. Other products with “cleaner ingredients” smelled unpleasant and didn’t work well at all– they tended to smear windows, leave streaks and were ineffective at cutting grease. 

Nantucket Footprint Household Cleaners

Our Solution

Through trial, error and lots of research we have come up with our own formulations delivered in a truly eco-friendly, compact and fully biodegradable format. We did our best to create products that do tick all of the boxes - Safe and eco-friendly while managing to still be highly effective.

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Nantucket Footprint Laundry Detergent Sheets