What are the differences between your Sprays?

Nantucket Spider Natural Bug Repellent:  This is our original product and best seller. It is best for flies and mosquitoes (It repelled 98-100% of mosquitos in lab tests!) and will also repel ticks (but doesn’t last as long and is not as thorough as our Extra Strength Tick repellent).  It is a light and fresh spray that can be sprayed head to toe including on hair and clothing and is made with a broad range of essential oils including cedarwood, citronella, clove, geranium, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and spearmint. While our 8 ounce bottles use our patented trigger spray, our 4 and 2 ounce sizes (with pump sprayers) are convenient for travel and to carry in a handbag or a backpack.

Nantucket Spider Summer Camp: Camp is much like the original formula, and is equally effective, but does not contain citronella. We made it for kids (and others) who may have an aversion to citronella. Available in 8 oz, 4 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Nantucket Spider Extra Strength Tick Repellent: This is our best repellent for ticks. It is best used with waist down application in conjunction with our People or Summer Camp products. It is a heavier and stronger repellent than our other repellents. While no repellent repels all ticks, in independent lab tests, ours repelled 92% of deer ticks. Available in 8 oz, 4 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Nantucket Spider Bug Repellent for Dogs: This repellent is specially formulated to exclude ‘citrusy’ oils that dogs dislike and clove oil which they shouldn’t ingest. Instead it contains thyme oil to repel fleas, and other oils such as geranium, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint– all effective repellents against pests including ticks!

Are your Sprays safe for my baby?

All of our repellents are “minimum risk pesticides” with no age restrictions, however, we do not recommend using them (or any repellents for that matter) directly on the skin of infants and very young children. Children tend to have such delicate skin and may also have sensitivities or aversions to particular oils. Instead of spraying repellents directly on the skin of infants, spray their socks, shoes, and hats.  If you do decide to use our repellents directly on skin, it is important to “test patch,” a small area inside the arm first and to discontinue use if irritation results.

My child has numerous allergy sensitivities - is your product safe to use?

If you have a child with numerous or severe allergy sensitivities, is important that you consult with your child’s health care provider before exposing your child to our products

Do the People (Original) and Summer Camp sprays protect me against ticks?

The Summer Camp and People products are best for black flies, mosquitos and other biting flies. They both have ingredients that will deter ticks but they will not be as strong or last as long as our Extra Strength Tick Repellent.  If you will be spending time outside in tick habitats, we recommend applying one of these together with Extra Strength Tick in order to get the best outcome. Remember to apply repellent thoroughly waist down if your goal is to repel ticks!

How often should I reapply?

All repellents (both chemical and natural) are affected by humidity.  In more humid conditions, repellents need to be applied more frequently than during dry conditions. When mosquitos and flies are bothering you, our repellents can be applied as often as you need.  Our tick and dog formulas should be applied every 1.5 hours. You will notice the tick repellent is quite long lasting!

Are your products soy and nut free and vegan?

Yes, all Nantucket Spider products are nut and soy free and vegan.

Are your products organic?

For regulatory reasons, insect repellents may not use the word "organic" on the label. Since 2018 all of our products have made with organic essential oils! 

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our products are minimum risk pesticides and are not considered to pose a risk to any individuals.  It is important to remember, however, that there has been very little study of the effects of essential oils on pregnant women. If you are concerned about the possible effects of any of our ingredients consult your health practitioner for guidance. 

Can I use the tick spray on my dog?

Our Extra Strength Tick formula is intended for people. While it is highly effective in deterring ticks, it contains clove oil, which we don’t recommend putting on dogs.  Clove oil is slightly toxic when ingested, and dogs have smaller organs than people so they can be even more sensitive to the effects of clove oil. Our Extra Strength Tick repellent also contains a bit of cinnamon oil, which is considered a hot oil, and could cause irritation on the skin of some sensitive dogs.

Use Nantucket Spider for Dogs for ticks instead.

Can I use your products on my cat?

We don’t recommend using any of our repellents on cats.  We are often surprised to see products with similar ingredients to ours being sold as safe for cats, as cats have particularly sensitive systems and can absorb essential oil products through their skin.  Essential oils and many other ingredients that are gentle on people, can be toxic to cats. Instead of a repellent, try making your own tea with fresh herbs such as thyme and catmint and spritz that on your cat instead (make sure you keep it refrigerated and check the SPCA website so you don't use any toxic ingredients!)

Can I use your products on my horse?

If you are looking for a fly, tick or mosquito repellent for your horses, all of our products are safe and effective! We recommend our regular product (the one with the orange label) for flies and mosquitos together with Extra Strength Tick thoroughly on legs for the best protection. 

We have received a lot of positive feedback on this combination from horse owners!.

Can I use the Dog Repellent on me?

While the Dog Repellent is formulated specifically for dogs, it can be used on people as well. However, we recommend the Summer Camp Product or People Product for the best results against mosquitos.

What are the inert ingredients in your products? (these are the ingredients that do not repel insects - everything is natural and our glycerin is 100% vegetable)

Summer Camp: Water, Glycerin

People: Water, Glycerin

Dog: Water, Glycerin

Extra Strength Tick: Water, Vanillin (natural, derived from cloves), Glycerin

Will the tick repellent repel all ticks and how should it be applied?

Our Extra Strength Tick product repelled 92-100% of Deer Ticks in all trials of an independent lab test. Repellents in general will be less effective at repelling Lone Star and Brown Dog ticks because these species actively seek hosts (the good news is they are also larger and easier to spot than Deer Ticks!)

Extra Strength Tick contains natural vanillin to make it slower to evaporate — the vanillin also makes it somewhat heavier.  You will notice that if you spray it on your shoes, socks or legs, you will be able to smell it many hours later. The tick product also contains cinnamon oil — an ingredient that is very effective against ticks but that can cause skin irritation and definitely eye irritation if it is sprayed on the face.

While the regular products do repel ticks, they won’t repel them as effectively or for as long duration.  

Things to bear in mind when applying repellent for ticks: All tick larva and over 90% of nymphs and many adults are found within 6 inches of the ground on grasses, leaves, and low growing plants.  The remainder of the adults are found in bushes up to waist high but it is quite unusual for adults to be on or in trees and to fall from above. 

Because nearly all ticks arrive on their hosts from the ground up and crawl up to good and warm hiding spots, it is an important goal of a tick repellent to create a low barrier. If a tick does get on you it will be deterred from attaching or from climbing upward where it will be diffiult to find.  Extra Strength Tick Repellent should be applied thoroughly from the knees down on all sides including socks and shoes or from the waist down if in deeper brush and on arms if handling weeds or brush.

Does you product keep away spiders?

This is not the product to use if your goal is to get rid of spiders. Nantucket Spider is not a spider repellent: it is a repellent that you wear to keep away mosquitos, biting flies and ticks.  (We call it “Nantucket Spider” because spiders are so good at repelling other insects!)

Ugh! I spilled the bottle in my car!

We heard last summer from a couple of customers who left their Nantucket Spider in their hot cars and found that the bottle boiled over. It is important to remember not to leave your bug spray in your car (many things including sunscreen, lotions and bug sprays will expand and leak in a hot car - not to mention how extreme heat may change the quality of the ingredients - in a heat wave the interior temperature of your car can climb above 150 degrees in half an hour!)

While our sprays shouldn't stain clothing when used as directed, a bottle of repellent spilled on your dashboard might.

The good news is, because essential oils are volitile, the smell of the bug spray will dissipate before long. Mop up any excess spill and wash down area. Leave windows open to air out your car.  Keep windows open while driving too until the oils evaporate - as terrific as our bug sprays smell, no one wants to be steeped in them (especially your kids and pets)! A bowl of coffee grounds will help absorb odours. People, Camp and Dog should be faint the next day and be gone entirely in a couple of days. The tick spray is longer lasting and slower to evaporate but should be gone in a few days too.

I just read that peppermint oil is toxic to Dogs and your repellent for Dogs has peppermint oil in it -- isn't that a concern?

The recent concern about peppermint oil and dogs is because of misuse of essential oils -- people have, in a misguided attempt to provide holistic home remedies, put peppermint essential oil into dogs' food to freshen their breath and also undiluted on their skin (note that undiluted essential oils should never be applied to any person or animal's skin!!!) Many commercially available peppermint products, including topical creams and ointments and dog treats exist which are safe for dogs -- used properly, peppermint oil is recognized as an important ingredient in these products. The key is that peppermint oil must be appropriately diluted and not deliberately put into food (each squirt of our spray applies about .04 mL of peppermint oil.) When used in accordance with the label directions we are confident that our product not pose a hazard to dogs!
(Remember that Essential oils should never be used on cats)