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Embracing Sustainability: Nantucket Spider Achieves B Corporation Certification
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Embracing Sustainability: Nantucket Spider Achieves B Corporation Certification

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Nantucket Spider 
POB 536 
Wilton, Connecticut 06897
September 20th, 2023

Embracing Sustainability: Nantucket Spider Achieves B Corporation Certification

Wilton, Connecticut - Nantucket Spider, the beloved natural insect repellent brand, is thrilled to announce its official B Corporation certification, solidifying its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

As Nantucket Spider continues to captivate customers with its effective, plant-based insect repellents and people and planet-friendly cleaners, the company's values-driven mission has now reached an exciting milestone - becoming a certified B Corporation.

Since its inception, Nantucket Spider's mission has been twofold: to protect people from pesky insects without compromising their health or the environment and to foster a culture of respect for nature and community. Guided by a passion for promoting well-being and environmental consciousness, the brand has consistently strived to create safe, highly effective, and sustainable products.

The B Corporation certification is a testament to Nantucket Spider's unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on both the global and local scales. By obtaining this prestigious certification, the company is aligning itself with a global movement of businesses committed to using their influence to drive positive change.

B Corps, also known as Benefit Corporations, are businesses that voluntarily meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They are businesses that aim to balance purpose and profit, working towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy. The B Corp certification is a recognition of Nantucket Spider's commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility and ethical business practices.

Nantucket Spider's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond its products and reaches into its daily operations. From sourcing eco-friendly ingredients and using minimal packaging to promoting fair labor practices and supporting local communities, the brand's core values exemplify the essence of a B Corp.

In a world where consumers are increasingly seeking products from companies that align with their personal values, the B Corporation certification reinforces Nantucket Spider's dedication to fostering a healthier and more sustainable planet. It empowers consumers to make conscious choices and support brands that genuinely care about their impact on people and the environment.

Nantucket Spider's journey to becoming a B Corp is a testament to the brand's passion for responsible business practices and its love for nature. From humble beginnings blending essential oil repellents in their kitchen, to gaining a loyal customer base, the brand's story is one of authenticity, innovation, and a deep-rooted connection to the natural world.

Nantucket Spider is a LGBTQIA+ and Woman-owned business that has been producing premium, natural insect repellents since 2013, and launched a zero-waste cleaning product line, Nantucket Footprint, in 2021. When its founders could not find a natural bug repellent or cleaning product that suited their needs, and was safe for their family and the planet, the brand set out to formulate their own products - free from harsh chemicals and wasteful packaging. 

As Nantucket Spider embraces its B Corp status, the brand invites customers, partners, and the community to join them on their journey of continued sustainability efforts. To learn more about their commitment to sustainability and explore their range of natural insect repellents and people and planet-friendly cleaners,, visit 

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